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  • NexGen Dipping Gel 


Our NexGen system is also known as Dipping Powder Gel or Healthy Nails. It is the most nail-friendly enhancement system on the market right now. It is a non-primer, non-liquid monomer, and shared similar durability of other systems. It is also light weight, mirrored finish, and dry within 3-5 mins. There is no UV Lamp curing and soak-off easily just like the Gel-Polish.

Nail Enhancement Systems

  • Acrylic

This is the most durable form of nail enhancements. it is normally recommended for weak and brittle nails. It is classic, tough, low maintenance, and quite popular.

You were born to wear this color.
  • UV Gel 


UV Gel is a clear coating which applied over acrylic or natural nails to protect and shine nails . It is scratch resistant and perfect to prevent the fading of shininess.

  • Solar Pink & White 

Solar Pink & White Acrylic system is also known as a permanent french. It is popular, classic, and clean. It has a natural and sleek look, very shiny, and dry instantly cured under the UV Lamp. It is non-yellowing, scratch resistant, and among the toughest system available in the market.


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